Friday, November 24, 2017

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

One day after Thanksgiving and i had to make a trip to the hospital. My right hand and fingers has been numb consistently for over a week. I made the trip to the Emergency Room after nothing i tried at home worked. I thought i was gonna be there all day but 3 hours wasnt so bad. The doctor told me i have what is called 'Pregnancy Carpal Tunnel Syndrome' which is fairly normal during pregnancy and no one really knows why. I was given a hand brace and was told to only take Tylenol for pain relief, and NOT NSAIDs as suggested online.

Im currently 32 weeks pregnant. Time is just flying by. Ive started doing some work from home that requires me to type so this is very interesting that my right hand is now in a brace restricting me from using it as normal.

The baby is moving around alot when he's awake. More sluggishly, probably due to having less space. I also think ive changed the name.. I think i'll name him 'Gage' instead of 'Tino'. Ive been scheduled to have another ultrasound! This will be the 4th, due to my diagnosis of having 'Gestational Diabetes'. They want to make sure the baby isnt growing Too large. ON November 28th, i will get to see Baby Gage yet again. I dont want to have a baby over 7lbs. If he is growing too big, i will have to have my labor induced and have him sooner than expected. After all he is practically a fully developed baby at this point anyway.


At 19 inches and coming up to 4 lbs in weight, your baby and your uterus have well and truly taken over your torso! Your stomach's squashed, your bladder's squished, and there's more of that to come! Try to embrace it. Remember, if your baby doubles his or her weight between now and D-Day, he or she will be more than prepared to enjoy life outside your womb.
Around now, your baby should be figuring out the position he or she is most comfortable in, and fortunately the position most babies choose is the optimal birthing position. That is, head down and ready to descend through the pelvis, and bum up in the air, preferably against the front of the stomach. Your Midwife will check this position at any antenatal appointments you have from now on.
If your baby has his or her bum towards your back, you'll still be able to have a natural birth, although any contractions you feel may be in your back rather than your stomach. This is known as a "back-to-back" birth and is renowned as being particularly painful, but it's no more dangerous for you or your baby. In some cases, Midwives may try and encourage Baby to spin around just to make things easier for you when the times comes.
If your baby is more comfortable with his head up and bum down, don't worry. It's known as the breech position and sometimes it's easier for breech babies to be born via caesarean section. However, as big as your baby may seem now, he or she is still small enough to turn over in your uterus. Your Midwife may give you some exercises to try that could encourage naughty Baby to flip.

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