Tuesday, November 14, 2017

30 Weeks Pregnant- Gestational Diabetes

So.. Im 30 weeks pregnant now! Just 10 more weeks to go! Though im sure it may be sooner since ive never went full term. At my last doctors appointment i had my second glucose test because my first indicated i had high sugar levels. Unfortunately, so did the second one. I got the results on yesterday that i have Gestational Diabetes. I thought i was an overall healthy eater, but i have been craving soda like crazy recently. Although im not surprised of the diagnosis, because i had GB during my previous pregnancies. I havent had any symptoms, besides my right hands fingers being numb and tingling. I thought it was due to pregnancy, but may be in fact from GB!

The baby was said to be smaller than average babies at this stage during my last ultrasound, but i have been scheduled to undergo yet another ultrasound on Nov 28, to make sure the baby isnt growing too large. It has been picking up weight. Its been getting more difficult to walk and stand by the day. I can feel the pressure. The baby is definitely growing fast at this point, but i dont think its larger than normal. 


Baby is very close to his or her delivery length now and shouldn't get too much longer before the birth, which is great news for your cramped uterus. On the other hand, your baby still has quite a bit of weight to put on, so don't think your ever increasing waistline stops here! Baby now weighs around about 3 lbs and is preparing for the next big growth spurt.
Baby is still getting all of the essential nutrients for growth from you via the placenta, and with this growth spurt on the horizon he or she will be going to town on your supplies. All these nutrients are going to help Baby put on even more layers of fat and as this happens the skin continues to smooth out giving that totally delicious "soft baby skin" feel!
As you'll know, growing a baby is hard work, and it's even harder being the one doing the growing! You may notice your baby having longer or more structured nap times now as he or she summons the energy to do all this growing. You may also notice that when Baby's awake they certainly make your aware of it! Now's a good time to start tracking your baby's movements.
Your baby is practically perfect at this point. He or she has hair covering the head and eyebrows, finger and toenails, and limbs and organs all in the right places. Of course, the brain is developing all the time, and your baby's senses are heightening constantly, but the only further development that is important before birth is of the lungs.

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