Friday, October 6, 2017

No More Worries!

Today i had my 3rd ultrasound done to check the position of the baby, along with the status of the 'Placenta Previa'. And today i received GREAT NEWS! The baby is no longer breech, and i dont have 'placenta previa' anymore! I can have a normal vaginal delivery!!!! The baby is expected to be born around 6lbs, currently weighing 1pound 10 ounces.. A little smaller than babies at this age but normal for my history.



Your baby may surpass the 1.5 lb mark this week, and is measuring about 9 inches from head to bum, or 13 inches from head to toe. With most of the major organ development now complete, your baby's main activity is putting on weight so they're ready to take on the world once they're born.
Your baby's lungs continue to finalize the development process as tiny air sacs develop which will help with breathing. The presence of these air sacs, coupled with the nostrils opening up mean that your baby could breathe around now (which is why there's a good chance of your baby surviving even if born this early), but your baby won't take his or her first breath until arrival.
Up until now, your baby's head and eyebrow hair has been pure white, but as pigmentation changes at around 25 weeks your baby's hair will start to transform into the color it will be at birth. Babies can be born with any color hair, whether that be blonde, brunette or red, and will usually be similar to either your own hair or your partners. However, some babies can actually be born very fair but go on to have dark hair as a toddler, and vice versa!

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