Monday, October 30, 2017

3rd Trimester

WOW! Im 28 weeks pregnant. Time has flew by! Im now in the 3rd trimester! The baby is getting bigger, and i can feel the difference. The movements are felt all over and are more smoother and aggressive! The baby does seem to have a sleep pattern and moves to the sound of my voice. I have been having some backaches so ive started stretching and trying pregnancy yoga. It does help. Im still suffering alot from acid-reflex! Even more than i remember having in the previous pregnancy. I also have started shopping for baby clothes. Im not sure if im 6 or 7 months but its definitely time to start shopping now that im in the last trimester. Ive been drinking ALOT. Craving soda more than anything, and drinking lots of water and watermelon. I also make sure to take my prenatal vitamins everyday to insure the baby has all the nutrients it needs. Aside from vitamins, ive been taking tylenol for my backaches, it helps. Though i cant get much relief from the heartburn. Despite laying on my left side as recommended. I guess i've gotten in the nesting stage. Ive been cleaning like crazy, and i've even started bathing in the Johnson's baby bath myself! The scent makes me anxious and prepares me for the reality of soon having a baby. Here's the exercise video i tried today. I'll be doing these every night to prevent the back pains.


The average baby weighs in at about 2.5 lbs at 29 weeks, although weights from 2 to 3 lbs are totally normal. You may not be scheduled for any more scans, but if you do have an ultrasound around now and you're given an estimated weight of your baby, you can expect that weight to triple before your due date. Don't worry if you're expecting a big baby, some Moms claim bigger babies are easier to birth!
Your baby's eyes are becoming more accustomed to their environment and although vision is still not perfect (well, there's not much to see in your uterus anyway!), the eyes are becoming much more aware of, and sensitive to, light. You'll probably notice big reactions to turning the lights on in a previously dark room (“Mom! I was sleeping in here!”).
Your baby's bones are still a little bit soft, and this week they'll start to harden more. This allows your baby's body to have a healthy structure and is also vital for protection against trips and falls (which there will be a lot of in the toddler years!). The vitamins needed for bone strengthening all come via the placenta.
Baby's lungs are still developing, but they're almost there. If your baby was to be born now, he or she could probably do quite a good job of breathing by themselves, although they would likely become tired and out of breath very quickly. A little medical assistance could help them out with that, but any intervention would be minimal.

3 Months Old

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