Monday, October 30, 2017

3rd Trimester

WOW! Im 28 weeks pregnant. Time has flew by! Im now in the 3rd trimester! The baby is getting bigger, and i can feel the difference. The movements are felt all over and are more smoother and aggressive! The baby does seem to have a sleep pattern and moves to the sound of my voice. I have been having some backaches so ive started stretching and trying pregnancy yoga. It does help. Im still suffering alot from acid-reflex! Even more than i remember having in the previous pregnancy. I also have started shopping for baby clothes. Im not sure if im 6 or 7 months but its definitely time to start shopping now that im in the last trimester. Ive been drinking ALOT. Craving soda more than anything, and drinking lots of water and watermelon. I also make sure to take my prenatal vitamins everyday to insure the baby has all the nutrients it needs. Aside from vitamins, ive been taking tylenol for my backaches, it helps. Though i cant get much relief from the heartburn. Despite laying on my left side as recommended. I guess i've gotten in the nesting stage. Ive been cleaning like crazy, and i've even started bathing in the Johnson's baby bath myself! The scent makes me anxious and prepares me for the reality of soon having a baby. Here's the exercise video i tried today. I'll be doing these every night to prevent the back pains.


The average baby weighs in at about 2.5 lbs at 29 weeks, although weights from 2 to 3 lbs are totally normal. You may not be scheduled for any more scans, but if you do have an ultrasound around now and you're given an estimated weight of your baby, you can expect that weight to triple before your due date. Don't worry if you're expecting a big baby, some Moms claim bigger babies are easier to birth!
Your baby's eyes are becoming more accustomed to their environment and although vision is still not perfect (well, there's not much to see in your uterus anyway!), the eyes are becoming much more aware of, and sensitive to, light. You'll probably notice big reactions to turning the lights on in a previously dark room (“Mom! I was sleeping in here!”).
Your baby's bones are still a little bit soft, and this week they'll start to harden more. This allows your baby's body to have a healthy structure and is also vital for protection against trips and falls (which there will be a lot of in the toddler years!). The vitamins needed for bone strengthening all come via the placenta.
Baby's lungs are still developing, but they're almost there. If your baby was to be born now, he or she could probably do quite a good job of breathing by themselves, although they would likely become tired and out of breath very quickly. A little medical assistance could help them out with that, but any intervention would be minimal.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

26 Weeks

Now at 26 pregnant weeks im having Lots of back pain! So i've started stretching and exercising, and it has helped me some. I'm also experiencing Extreme acid-reflux. Especially at bedtime. The baby is actively moving around and does not like the light. He's really active under the covers until they're removed, then he's still. Last night i let the baby to listen to classical music and he seemed to enjoy it. Ill try to make it a habit for bedtime.


With the exception of some continuing development of the lungs and brain, your baby is pretty much perfect, although at just 2 lbs in weight and 14 inches in height, he or she could do with putting on a bit of fat before entering the big wide world, and that's exactly what's going on.
More and more layers of fat are forming on your baby's body (not even all those gymnastic routines are enough to compete with the nutrition gained from the placenta) which helps build strength and also helps to keep Baby warm. Babies are unable to regulate their body temperature properly until about 9 months of age, so you'll need to keep this in mind once your little one has arrived. Once your unborn baby has enough fat, the lanugo hair (and some vernix caseosa) will start to deteriorate, as it's no longer necessary.
Your baby's senses are going through some fine tuning, and the hearing and eyesight becomes much better, although they're still not a patch on what they'll be at a few months old (you'll be surprised at how quickly your baby can notice things you'd rather they didn't, such as the TV controller or your bowl of cereal!). Once your baby's born, their hearing might actually be a little worse than it is in utero, as orifices can become a bit clogged with amniotic fluid. This will clear out within a few days.
As your baby's lungs are developing, you'll probably be noticing more and more hiccups. You can usually tell the difference between movements and hiccups as movements are more severe and random, whereas hiccups are gentle and rhythmic. Have the video camera at the ready, it's amazing watching your stomach jump up and down!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

25 Weeks


It's a big week for your baby this week as the eyes finally begin to open. Until now, the eyes have been fused shut and have been busy developing, but now they're ready to see the world. Unfortunately for your baby, he or she isn't met with much of a view in your uterus! However, your baby will be able to better sense light and dark, and may react to a torch shining on your belly. Once your baby arrives, his or her eyesight will be much the same as it is now, they won't be able to see much for a while, but may react to flashing lights and bold colors.
Your baby is continuing to put on weight, and grow in length, and is likely to weigh somewhere between 1.5 and 2 lbs, and measure roughly 14 inches from head to toe. He or she will be nicely curled up in there so will actually be taking up much less space than that, but to you they might seem massive! Your baby's lungs are perfecting their processes and, with assistance, your baby should be able to breathe if born now. It's best if he or she stays put for a while longer, though.
If you're having a baby boy, he goes through some rather manly changes this week as his testicles descend into the scrotum. The process takes a few days and is the final step towards development of the genetalia. If you're having a baby girl, all her bits and pieces will already be in place - after all, girls do tend to mature quicker than boys!

Friday, October 6, 2017

No More Worries!

Today i had my 3rd ultrasound done to check the position of the baby, along with the status of the 'Placenta Previa'. And today i received GREAT NEWS! The baby is no longer breech, and i dont have 'placenta previa' anymore! I can have a normal vaginal delivery!!!! The baby is expected to be born around 6lbs, currently weighing 1pound 10 ounces.. A little smaller than babies at this age but normal for my history.



Your baby may surpass the 1.5 lb mark this week, and is measuring about 9 inches from head to bum, or 13 inches from head to toe. With most of the major organ development now complete, your baby's main activity is putting on weight so they're ready to take on the world once they're born.
Your baby's lungs continue to finalize the development process as tiny air sacs develop which will help with breathing. The presence of these air sacs, coupled with the nostrils opening up mean that your baby could breathe around now (which is why there's a good chance of your baby surviving even if born this early), but your baby won't take his or her first breath until arrival.
Up until now, your baby's head and eyebrow hair has been pure white, but as pigmentation changes at around 25 weeks your baby's hair will start to transform into the color it will be at birth. Babies can be born with any color hair, whether that be blonde, brunette or red, and will usually be similar to either your own hair or your partners. However, some babies can actually be born very fair but go on to have dark hair as a toddler, and vice versa!

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