Friday, September 8, 2017

IT'S A BOY!!!!

I just left the Ultrasound office. I weighed 203.6 lbs today. After almost missing this appointment again!, i was still able to be seen and found out we're having a BABY BOY!!!!! YAAAAHHH!!! :)
It currently weighs 14 oz and is approx. 21 weeks old. Due to be born on 1.20.18


Your baby has been doing more and more growing and now weighs about 1 whole pound! A full term baby will likely grow 6 to 8 times as big between now and the birth, so if you think your belly is massive now, you may be in for a shock! Your not-so-little one will also measure about 11 inches, having grown about an inch already since your ultrasound.
Although your baby's eyes are still fused shut, the combination of the eyes sensing light and the ears hearing sounds means Baby might be starting to differentiate day and night. Some babies pick up the habit of night sleeping while still in the womb, and may fall into a more established nighttime routine quicker than babies who don't, but that still doesn't mean you'll be getting your 8 hours beauty sleep I'm afraid. Newborns need feeding roughly every 3 hours, and usually won't be ready to sleep through the night until at least 6 months of age.
Your baby's ears are picking up more and more of the surrounding noise, and the most prominent sound will be the beating sound of your heart, and the muffled noises of the blood pumping through the placenta. Your baby will remember these sounds after the birth, and many babies can be soothed by being placed on Mom's chest above the heart, or by being subjected to white noise. It may seem odd, but you'll be surprised how quickly your baby settles to the sound of your washer or dryer!
Your baby still has plenty of room to move in the womb, so lots of acrobatics are normal. Your midwife may have a feel and a guess as to the baby's position and while the preferred position for birth is head down, your baby will likely still be in the head up, or "breech" position at this point. He or she still has plenty of time to flip over.

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