Monday, September 25, 2017

23 Weeks Pregnant

Im 23.3 weeks pregnant, and he's moving and kicking! The movements are strong now. There's no more fluttering. At 23 weeks Little Tino has a chance to survive if born early, but we can wait. He's actually moving around as i type. Next week October 6,  i get another ultrasound to see if he's turned any, or if the Partial Placenta Previa has moved to a safer position away from my uterus.


Your baby may have been through another growth spurt, and is now estimated to weigh up to 1.5 lbs and measure 8.5 inches from head to bottom. Physically, the way your baby is now is much the same as how your baby will be at birth. If you opt for a 3D scan, you'll be able to see all those tiny facial features that you'll recognize at the birth.
Your baby's skin is beginning to change about now. With the development of the blood vessels in the lungs and elsewhere in the body, the skin is now has a reddish/pinkish tint to it. This is the first step in the skin becoming opaque and much more like regular skin. Do you know what else makes your baby look more human? Nipples! The nipples form around now, on both boys and girls, although boys nipples are really just so they don't feel left out!
From 24 weeks onwards, a certain hormone present in the cord blood, Adiponectin, begins to increase, and levels are expected to be 20 times as much as they are now when your due date approaches. This hormone has many purposes, including anti inflammatory properties, but it's main function is to regulate your baby's growth. From now on, you can expect your baby to be putting on about half a pound each week in weight on average.

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