Friday, September 1, 2017

20 Weeks Pregnant!

I'm 20 weeks pregnant! That's halfway there!!! I cant believe in 20 more weeks i'll be giving birth! On Friday i'm scheduled to have my second ultrasound. The first one was rescheduled and the next date is September 8th. The baby has been moving more often, not any stronger than i've felt the weeks before but more frequently for sure. On September 8th, i'll be 21 weeks weeks, and i will reveal the gender @ approx 11am EST.


Once again, your baby has done some serious growing in the last week, and is now expected to weigh about 10.5 ounces. Based on your baby's measurements which will be taken during the scan (which should be about 6.5 inches from head to bottom, and then an extra 4 inches for the legs), your sonographer may be able to provide a more accurate weight.
Your baby is starting to swallow more and more of the amniotic fluid now, and the digestive system is working hard. This means that your baby's first "number 2" is bulking up. Known as meconium, this green/black sticky poop is likely to fill up your baby's first diaper nicely.
As the ultrasound will show, your baby is pretty much fully formed, and is just really putting on weight now ready for surviving in the outside world. The sonographer will be able to show you all the facial features, and they can be seen in such detail that the Doctor will be looking for evidence of a cleft lip or palate which may require surgery.
The sonographer will also be checking that all four chambers of the heart have formed and are functioning well, along with the kidneys and lungs. The size and shape of the brain will be looked at, along with the bones of the spine. The stomach and abdomen region is clearly visible, and the external limbs will be checked, although fingers and toes may be difficult to count because the pressure on your abdomen may mean Baby's squirming quite a bit!
The genetalia should be very evident, if you wanted to find out the sex. Some do, some don't. Your baby boy will have a developed penis and scrotum. Baby girls are more difficult to distinguish, so sonographers usually look for the absence of the penis, or for three lines that identify the vulva. Some babies are a bit camera shy and keep their bits well hidden, so you may not be able to find out if you're team pink or team blue until the birth.

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