Friday, July 28, 2017

Movements @ 15wks

38% of your pregnancy is completed.

I'm 15 weeks pregnant and i have recognized baby movements! Far and few but i have felt some twitches. I actually began feeling them last week but i wasn't sure if they were in fact the baby, but im guessing they were! This week, me and the baby went to Sea World Orlando, and Adventure Island Tampa. On yesterday 7/27/17 i felt the baby move while on vacation! Being aware at that moment made me realize what those other movements were that i'd felt the week before. Very light flutters and some singular kicks. :) 



Your baby has done some impressive growing over the last couple of weeks. He or she now weighs about 2.5 ounces and measures roughly 4 inches, or just over 10 cm. Your baby looks exactly like a tiny human now, although the skin is still very thin and translucent. This will thicken and become opaque by the time you're scheduled to give birth, although if you have your baby early the skin will still be extremely delicate.
The big change for your baby this week is that they can "see" light. Although the eyelids remain fused shut, bright lights can be sensed, much like if you have your eyes shut and someone switches a lamp on; you can't exactly see the light, you're aware that its there. Shining a torch on your belly can cause your baby to try and find a dark hiding spot. It's a fun game for Mom & Dad, but try not to annoy your baby too much!
You probably still won't be feeling movement or, if you are, you may not recognise what it is. Many women report feeling butterflies or a rippling sensation at first. You may, however, be feeling your baby's hiccups. As your baby is swallowing large amounts of amniotic fluid which helps the lungs to develop, he or she will be hiccuping a lot. This continues for a while after the birth, too, as the respiratory system matures.

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