Thursday, July 13, 2017

Im In The Second Trimester Now!

Today, im 13 weeks pregnant! 3 months! I visited the doctor today for my monthly check up and the baby is doing fine. Heartbeat strong, and so are the kicks which i still cant feel but i could hear the commotion through the stethoscope. 


Your baby will be measuring around 3 inches long at this point, or about 7.5 cm. Bizarrely, the majority of this is made up of your baby's head! The body is growing rapidly now, though, and will soon catch up, making your baby look far more proportional.
The big change with your baby this week is that a completely unique set of fingerprints have formed, meaning your little one now has it's first real distinguishing features. Fingerprints are, of course, just the first of many aspects that will give your baby his or her own identity.
Your baby's vocal cords are developing around now, and while they won't be used for speaking words for quite some time, they will probably be exercised quite frequently in the first few months after the birth! Many new Moms worry about their babies screaming in public, but keep in mind that it's completely normal for your baby to cry, it's his or her only form of communication! Your baby will not be the first to moan on the bus, nor the last!
Your baby's ankles and wrists will form this week, so all the joints should now be in full working order. Your baby is starting to make some deliberate movements with them, but mostly he or she will still be a bit of a jumping bean, making rather fast and jerky actions. It's still a bit early to be feeling this, but you should do within the next couple of weeks.

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