Wednesday, July 5, 2017

First Heartbeat Scan

Baby's First Heartbeat Scan from royal baby on Vimeo.

Today, the baby is 12 weeks 1 day old. I had some concerns because of my vacation to Mexico. I decided to go zip lining across the ocean while on vacation. But all is well. Today i listened to the baby's heartbeat for the first time. While listening, the baby kicked or punched a couple times the doctor brought to my attention. It sounded like thumps and swooshes. That was a relief. This actually wasn't a regular visit. I went to check on the HCG levels because of my worries about zip lining when i was 7 weeks at time. But the heartbeat was sufficient for the associate doctor and the HCG levels were ok. Consistent with a 5-8wk fetus. which i was 8 weeks when i took the test. (8wks 6 days). So im kinda thinking its a boy since the levels are slightly lower. My official doctor visit is next week. My actual doctor wasnt in the office today,  so i was seen today by an associate physician.

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